Dragon Apprentice


Materials . . .

Wood is Maple / Elk antler / Elk, Deer & Cow hide / Peahen feathers / Assorted beads / Sinew


Dimensions . . .

Height:   5 ft. – 11 in.          Width:   12 in.


Details concerning the Dragon Apprentice . . .


It was during the conceptual and rough shaping phases on the Dragon Master totem the thought occurred to me:

How exactly does one go about becoming . . . a Master of Dragons?  It’s not like you can enroll in a correspondence course or earn a degree in “Dragon Management” from your local college.  Nope . . . this type of knowledge and experience is probably better suited to a more traditional method of study, such as an apprenticeship.


I then began imagining various aspects of how someone, over the course of time, would learn firsthand the intimate details and idiosyncrasies of dragons, especially from a proven master of the art.  So it seemed logical the apprentice would require a staff of their own to assist in the application of newly learned incantations and techniques, as well as to help nudge, maneuver and redirect unruly or obstinate dragons into the appropriate positions required by the master.  This versatile tool would also serve quite well in protecting the young student on those rare occasions when they unknowingly violated some obscure rule of dragon etiquette, or just did something stupid to draw the ire of these noble creatures.  Either way . . . this talisman would serve well any apprentice on their quest of earning their own title of Dragon Master.



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