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Even though our world today is fast paced and technologically diverse, I believe the human spirit needs to cultivate and maintain a connection to nature in order to find serenity and balance. Some garden . . . some meditate . . . I carve and sculpt. I take great pleasure working with natural materials such as wood, leather, stone, shell, feather, bone, and early metals like copper and brass. They all have primal/primitive energies for me. I often find raw materials with amazing character in discarded natural refuse, such as orchard trimming piles and construction sites. What some might see as blemishes or imperfections in my choice of materials are actually wonderfully natural features to be respected, enhanced and incorporated in my finished artwork. I combine these materials in uniquely whimsical ways, and by doing so help to rekindle a natural connection for others in the process.

Each natural element has a unique voice and I listen to them all. Much like a choir director blending multiple voices into a single unified sound. I consider each unique feature and element in relationship to the others as I look for harmony of shape and design in my compositions. Ultimately, it’s in this harmonious chorus I draw inspiration for my work . . . and find my own peace, serenity and balance with the world around me.

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