Dragon Master


Materials . . .

Wood is Hazel (locally know as Filbert)  /  Elk & Deer hide  /  Bone  /  Assorted beads  /  Sinew


Dimensions . . .

Height:   6 ft. – 1 1/2 in.          Width:   9 in.


Details concerning the Dragon Master  . . .


This whimsical piece has its origins in a filbert orchard that was slated for removal to make way for a housing development. This provided an opportunity for me to walk amongst the trees before the bulldozers arrived and harvest limbs with interesting character


When I began my appraisal of this piece of wood I couldn’t help but feel a strong yet regal energy radiating from within. The gentle curve and shape of the limb fostered images of a dragon standing tall, patiently awaiting instructions from a wise master who had called it out of the mountains. The strength and vibrancy of these peaceful images became the inspiration for this totem sculpture.


Therefore, the totem you see before you represents the primary talisman a master of dragons would use to call in, calm down, and communicate with such a magnificent creature as a dragon. It also stands as a symbol to others that the one who holds this talisman has spent a lifetime gaining the wisdom, patience and honor necessary to earn the trust and respect of such noble souls.



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